AFU Custom Furniture

AFU custom object and furniture design by architect Dimitrios Tsigos and the architectural design team of TDC.

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01. what is afu?

afu is a concept store that brings tdc's trademark designs to the public in the form of tailor made furniture, objects and interior concepts.

02. what does afu mean?

afu : algorithms for you. our designs incorporate the most contemporary techniques and technologies all the way from the design process to fabrication.

03. can i buy stuff off the shelf?

operation mode 01:pret a porter. All afu designs come in standard initial dimensions/materials than you can order.

04. can I customize material and size?

operation mode 02: customise. All furniture can be ordered to custom dimensions and materials as long as those are commercially available.

05. can i have an idea?

operation mode 03: improvise. our materials, techniques and geometries can be applied to various scales and applications. Just ask!

06. can i see some objects live?

yes, you can do so in the store located @ 8 Haritos st. in Kolonaki, Athens.

07. what else is in store?

we utilise a unique technology called 3d printing to provide costumers with fully functional presise physical 1:10 models of all designs.

08. can you explain the price tag?

our custom objects are tailor made in one-off construction processes. Thats what makes them customisable, thats what makes them unique!

09. who constructs the objects?

the objects benefit from the expertise of some of the most prominent contractors, manufacturers and craftsmen operating in the area of Attica.

10. what is the purpose of this initiative?

this is a communication platform that makes available tdc's expertise in advanced design techniques to customers and fellow designers alike.